About DPC-Our Story

Davis Publishing Company is the brainchild of Josh & Patricia Davis of Historic Appomattox, VA. Josh & Patricia are high-school sweethearts, meeting in their first block class when Patricia moved to Appomattox from Florida. They married in September of 2008, mere months after graduation. They are parents to three children: Ivy (7), Nathaniel (6), and Christine (2).

Josh has long cherished a dream of making a living as a writer, a dream that you can read more about HERE. After working as a freelance ghostwriter for several years, and wanting to publish his own work, he became distraught with the over-priced self-publishing packages offered by bigger, more well-known companies, and so approached Patricia about the possibility of hiring ghostwriters to write short stories in a multitude of genres, and so compete with his ghostwriting clientele, and so DPC was born.

However, the more they researched having ghostwriters pen books for the company, they learned that they couldpatricia-quote build the company into something special, that would compete not with the small companies that specialize in niche-ebooks, but also with the large self-publishing companies that dominate the market with overpriced (and low in features) self-publishing packages. The more Josh & Patricia researched, the more disgusted they became the state of the market, and so decided to morph their vision from a small company that peddled short ebooks for a quick buck into a full-service publishing company.

They sat down, mapped out the problems they saw in the publishing world and decided to create the Core Values, a list of five points that guide the way they run their company.

“Our core values are very important,” Patricia says. “We take those five points, and we use them to guide us in our everyday business. They’re the reason we do things the way we do. It all comes back to a family atmosphere–that’s why we strive to maximize value and minimize cost.”

Those core values manifested themselves on March 10, 2016 (their son’s sixth birthday), when they founded DPC.